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Section Officers
Chairperson: Patricia Lulay
Chair-Elect: Kathryn A. Hall
Secretary: Emily E. Elison
Treasurer: Michael Gottlieb

Executive Committee Members
Amy Davidson
Lisa Frost
Ted Martin
Shawna Meyer
Robert Simon
Daina Vitolins
Alissa Weaver
Nick Kahl

Bar Liason
Kay Pulju

Board of Governors Contact
James Chaney

Section Committees
Public Outreach (contact Michael
Including animal law clinics at humane societies, and Legal links cable television programs and brochures.
Mission Statement: To educate the public on the laws affecting animals, the ways in which people and animals share the common spaces, and the partnership between humans and our animal companions, through a variety of communication methods designed to reach as many people as possible.

Professional Outreach (contact Amy Including brown bag CLEs, increased presence at Judicial conferences and DA conferences, and development of the section website.
Mission Statement: To raise awareness and educate the legal community regarding legal issues affecting animals and their welfare through continuing education, networking opportunities, publication and distribution of materials, and section list-serv and website.

Legislation (contact Nick Proposing new laws, revisions to existing laws, and commenting on proposed new laws before they are voted by the Legislature (strict rules may apply to this activity so check with the Section leader).
Mission Statement: To observe and report to the Section legislative activity affecting animals, to advise lawmakers on issues affecting animals, and to propose new laws or revisions to existing laws affecting animals.

Animal Welfare (contact Robert Participate in regional and national disaster planning and assistance efforts underway pursuant to Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 PL No. 109-308 (Oct 6, 2006).
Mission Statement:Click Here

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